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Derwin Overton

Executive Director

OAR Fairfax, VA

Gail Arnall, PhD

Executive Director

OAR Arlington, VA

Brandon Cosby

Dir. of Development

OAR Fairfax, VA 

Meet Our Team...

  • Boot Camp (2 weeks)
  • Sprint (3 months)
  • Apprentice Rotation (2 years/four 6-month assignments)
  • Long-Term Orange STEAM Employment

Christine Hartmann, PE, PMP

Chief of Operations

Orange STEAM 


Gore Bolton, PE, PLS

Director and Sr. Advisor

Orange STEAM



the Orange STEAM Program

​​​The Orange STEAM Program is a 4-phase training-to-employment program based in entry-level engineering and infrastructure industry skill sets. Orange STEAM pays participants starting on their first day in the program, and continues to pay them as long as they are in the program.  There are four basic phases of the Orange STEAM program:

If you or a family member are unemployed and would like to apply to become part of the Orange STEAM Program, you can learn more about the requirements and support available and get your application started here. 

If your organization needs trained and skilled workers and you are interested in participating in the Orange STEAM Program as an employer, you can learn more aboout what's available and get started here.

If you want to support the Orange STEAM Program, you can volunteer your time, money, services, equipment, software and harware, among other things. Find out more here.



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Reaching Out

Designing our future through community investment

Orange STEAM Inc. (OSI) is devoted to unemployed formerly incarcerated people and their families. In an effort to lessen the impact of incarceration on them and their communities, we provide paid on-the-job training for entry level and technically skilled positions in the engineering and infrastructure fields. We also work with employers to identify work opportunities for Orange STEAM graduates. It's a WIN-WIN situation. 


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